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  • Do you offer design services for custom parts?
    Yes, our engineers will work with you to identify your specific needs and design a part for your particular application. Once the design is finalized, we build the tool, verify the tooling is correct, and validate that it produces the parts you want.
  • Are you ISO9001 certified?
    Yes, we are ISO9001-2015 certified.
  • How do I determine the proper pouring cup for my application?
    Several factors go into pouring cup selection. Usually the critical dimension is the neck ID as this needs to match up with the sprue size. The height of the cup dictates head pressure, sometimes a critical factor for pouring. The diameter at the top of the cup establishes a pouring target as larger pours need bigger targets. Top diameter is also important for rollover applications as it needs to mate well with the furnace and crucible.
  • Do you make pouring cups for rollover furnace applications?
    We offer many styles and sizes of rollover cups. Talk to us about your specific requirements.
  • What is the lead time for pouring cups?
    We do things a little differently at TKG. We recognize that every customer is a repeat customer. It is necessary that we keep every customer supplied at all times. We have the systems and expertise to assure this through our production planning process that allows us to anticipate our customers’ requirements, in many cases prior to receiving purchase orders. We schedule the production of there parts months in advance assuring that lead times are never an issue. If we haven’t heard from you, you will hear from us. In the event of an unexpected situation, our flexibility and extra capacity allow us to adjust our production on the fly and rapidly produce parts to keep our customers operating.
  • Is there a minimum quantity needed for an order?
    We have no minimum order quantity. However, we ask that you order by even boxes so that cups are packaged properly.
  • What materials do you offer for pouring cups?
    We have several grades of mullite pouring cups. Higher grades of mullite cups withstand more demanding thermal shock situations that can result from higher preheat temperatures. We also have a family of fused silica products for the most demanding thermal cycling applications. Our engineers & ceramists are developing new products all of the time. We can also develop custom materials for your specific application.
  • Do your materials meet the requirements for trace elements for aerospace applications?
    Yes, they do. Our materials meet the most common specs for Pb and Bi as well as other trace element specs commonly seen in the aerospace and medical industries.
  • What sizes of mold supports do you offer?
    We offer various sizes of rounds, half-round, and rectangular cross sections. We also offer long blanks or can cut to your size preferences. Pricing is “by-the-inch” and there are no minimum quantities.


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