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Ceramic Crucibles & Ram
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Alumina Crucibles

TKG Industrial Ceramics has been supplying alumina crucibles for over 15 years. During this time, we’ve learned a lot! On paper, each crucible manufacturer looks the same. However, each manufacturer differs in their compositions and processing techniques, so don’t assume that all crucibles are created equal. We’ve designed our compositions and processes to assure that the ideal ceramic phases are achieved by selecting only the highest quality raw materials and by closely controlling firing time and temperature.

Our extensive final inspections assure that only first-quality crucibles will be shipped to you. And we’re by no means done. We continue to improve our process year after year and make advancements in-process controls and engineering. Our goal is to provide you with the best available crucibles. By this we mean crucibles that have a long life and perform consistently time and time again.

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Ramming Materials

Alumina crucibles are only as good as the ramming materials used for installation. TKG supplies high-quality dry and wet ramming materials specifically for use with alumina crucibles and ladles. Having high-quality backup materials and a quality installation can extend the life of your crucibles and ladles significantly.

Ceramic Dry Ramming
Ceramic Ramming Materials
Ceramic Wet Ramming
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